Personal Projects

Deep Learning Framework in Rust

This is an effort to really learn rust and refresh my knowledge of training neural networks. The API is inspired by Torch. Very basic implementation right now, but currently adding features and acceleration library support.
Source code on GitHub

Deep Learning Movie Recommendation

A collaborative movie recommendation system powered by a deep learning model. Provided movie ratings by a user, determine the rating that the user would give to every movie in the dataset.
Source code on GitHub

Neural Network-Driven Cars

Neural network-driven cars undergoing evolution by an ensemble of genetic algorithms all within the web browser.
Live Demo   Source code on GitHub

VoxGL - An OpenGL Voxel Engine

A framework providing the tools neccessary to process, store, and render voxel data efficiently.
Source code on GitHub

Projects implementing this engine:

Model to Voxel

Convert traditional 3D models to high resolution voxel data, and render them in real time using ray tracing implemented in OpenGL compute shaders. Features include real time shadows, per-voxel normals, and true color depth with a 1 byte transparency channel.
Source code on GitHub
Screenshot of voxelized house

Voxel Particle Sim

A fully interactive and immense sandbox of water, sand, and stone particles represented as voxels. Physics and ray tracing are processed by OpenGL compute shaders, eliminating the need to transmit large amounts of data between the CPU and GPU.
Source code on GitHub
Screenshot of waterfall

Physics Over Websockets

A local physics simulation in the browser is synchronized to one running on an node.js server through the use of
Demo   Source code on GitHub

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