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I'm an avid Software Engineer who continues to enjoy exploring the many fascinating fields within computer science. My polished personal projects have delved into fields such as GPGPU, deep machine learning, and web apps.

After receiving my BSc in Computer Science from San Diego State University in the Spring of 2021, I began working for JPMorgan Chase & Co. to modernize web app back ends.

The latest developments in machine learning and space exploration are thrilling, and I am passionate about staying up to date on these topics. Outside of the science and engineering realms, I enjoy surfing, learning world history, and spending time with my wonderful wife and our cats.

Feel free to interact with me on any of these platforms
LinkedIn: in/JoshFriedson
GitHub: jfriedson
E-Mail: business@joshfriedson.com

Below is a demo of neural network-driven cars undergoing evolution by an ensemble of genetic algorithms.  You can load the trained network that completes the racetrack by clicking and learn more about this project on the Genetic Cars project page.